Comment: More of a threat than Feinstein's bill

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More of a threat than Feinstein's bill


S.443 contains a lot of dangerous provisions and the GOA regards
it as a threat because while the Feinstein bill is unlikely to pass,
and prospects for several other bills that have been passed out
of the Judiciary Committee may not get through *this* bill becomes
very attractive to Red State Democrats who want to vote for
some gun control bill while minimizing gun owner outrage.
And of course it sounds fairly benign until you start checking
the fine print.

The more fundamental problem than this bill is the whole
legal situation of "prohibited persons" - barred by federal
law from possessing guns. This includes *all* consumers of
marijuana plus a bunch of other categories. That is - counting
only the marijuana users - over 40 million Americans legally
barred from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights under

And S.443 will make the situation even worse.

Not a good time to be complacent.