Comment: bah! censorship. if you want

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bah! censorship. if you want

bah! censorship. if you want special rules for down votes, the same rule should apply for up votes. it sounds to me like you have ideas that aren't popular, and you feel like the fact that people get to down vote them without explaining themselves is unfair to you.. well guess what.. i bet you don't beg for an explanation when someone gives you an up vote, do ya? why should people have to explain themselves to YOU to disagree with you? is it not THEIR opinion that they are expressing when they down vote? a situation in which people can up vote ad hoc, while having to explain themselves to down vote leads to laziness and group think. a system in which people must explain themselves to do either stifles opinion. sour grapes i say... bah! i'm down voting this, your lucky i commented :)