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Ooh, logic

If I can show you anything resembling damage from engine impact points, will you concede? Is that the only point that is really sticking here?

As for melted, I'm assuming you're being facetious. There was plane debris scattered all over the place. I can understand it being "odd looking" as it had just nailed a concrete and steel building at high speeds. I'll refute your point about the debris being easily scattered, as it was found on scene in the rubble itself which had to be pulled out and sorted through by on site responders who were digging through the wreckage.

Are you seriously under the impression that my position that it was a plane comes from only one wheel and because some indeterminate "they" instead of a reputable party said so? Because I'd thought that was one example amidst a plethora of photos, and that such a thing would be obvious to anyone reading the thread, but if you really need this explained out slowly and for me to post every single image of wreckage I can find, I'll copy and paste from other threads in this conversation.

Straw manning my argument doesn't make MY argument a fail there guy.

Eric Hoffer