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Half agree

Your major points seem to be abortion and homosexuality.

I agree with your position on abortion, especially after having read Ron Paul's description in "On Liberty" of watching a baby aborted and staff standing around while hearing its last cries from a wastebasket -- while in the other room a baby at the same stage of development had the staff in that room working frantically together to save its life. That's a fairly traumatic experience, and left an impression that he has shared with many.

However, homosexuality happens in other species, so you've got a hard sell convincing a man of science that it is "an abomination".

Personally, I feel that we have more abortions because of central banking and fractional reserve banking: to pay the debt, people choose to work more and family less.

Get rid of the Federal Reserve and the fractional reserve practice, and I'd bet we'll see abortions falling by the wayside.

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