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I didn't go into the substance of those sermons

knowing the attention span of the average person. So there was nothing for you to make a judgement one way or another on any extrapolations those preachers may have made.

Here on the DP, a lot of folks have been ditching their TVs because their crap threshold has been reached. TV is a tool, like a gun that can be used for good or evil. But look who has had total control of the networks and then cable since it came out in this country. You can't deny that constant TV viewing is tied to lower brainwaves, less community involvement, and less reading.

Alan Watt has a story about how in his hometown in Scotland, everyone used to meet in a certain area to hang out and discuss local politics, but as soon as TV came out, this centuries old tradition was no more. He also said that the British government PAID for everyone to get a TV - why? They have an agenda and it involves mass programming. Alan also makes a great point about how no matter where you go, they pipe in music or have a TV blaring so you can't carry on a conversation or think without having that stuff on in the background.

I was at restaurant - the only person in there with my kids and a guy in his forties asks to turn the TV on. I say sure whatever. He turned it on to leave it on a soap, just to have something on because he was obviously addicted to the noise. weird.