Comment: companies are really corporations.

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companies are really corporations.

Corporations only lobby when the ones who control and own, give orders to spend money in such a manner. A corporation does not lobby or make decissions, humans make lobby and make decissions and humans are responsible. Companies er corporations do not lobby for war. Humans do. The profitiers the puppets the ones who take orders fromt their puppet masters.

The whole point of the corporation is to hide ownership and deflect responsibiliity. So you play very well into the exact intent used by these criminals. Its like blaming the car for an accident and not the driver. The car cant drive or make decissions, its the driver , just like the owner and I mean the real owner, the one's who's ownership and controls are usually hidden under several layers of corporate disguise.

While perhaps I am wasting my time posting this, meybe some soul will be helped to see the light by reading this.