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Who and what in the world are

Who and what in the world are talking to/about? It sounds like maybe some navy enlisted? I am not navy but I can tell you that food, health care and housing has not been cut. Tuition Assistance has been cut. Certain "non-essential" programs have been turned off until the current deck is played out to see where we stand. If they are eating 2 meals a day it's either their own fault or an individual manager. Running out of bullet proof vests? Are you sure those individuals are supposed to get one? Not everyone is on the front line. Are they scared? Probably. War and the prospect of war in the news is scary. The military and especially navy postures all the time. But that doesnt mean we are at the brink of war. You need to provide more information in your post. Until then you are simply using scare tactics. I'm not convinced you even talked to anyone. More details please.