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Nice manifesto, but irrelevant.

This is a bunch of mish-mash intellectual garbage you've posted.

Yes 2+2=4. Each time you TEST IT, it yields the same result.

Yes the sun rises. Each day you TEST IT, it yields the same result.

That's what the SCIENTIFIC METHOD *requires*. Repeatable tests with the same results each time.

I am not saying evolution didn't happen. It may have. What I'm saying is that it is NOT scientifically proven, nor can it ever be.

You can prove the sun will rise. You can prove 2+2=4. You can NOT scientifically prove that specie to specie evolution happened. I'm sorry that offends your religious belief system, but there's just no way around it. It can't be done which means it's not scientifically proven.

If you believe in it as scientific fact, it makes you a religionist due to your faith-based belief, as it is NOT scientific fact, nor can it ever be unless and until you can conduct REPEATABLE tests of one specie turning into another with the same result each time.

There's just no way around it. Sorry.