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I voted you up because of your first statement

but I have a problem with your other paragraphs. There are very real reasons (not ethically right, just real) to raise the minimum wage. Because we currently do have an over regulated environment, this is the one way we can fight back those companies who do take over entire markets and keep wages too low. I'm not supportive of this but I do see it's purpose.

Regarding your suggestions to eliminate regulations, that's about a likely as ending the fed. It's always a year away and TPTB will never let it happen. So until we get control back over those things, should we really force the less skilled in our country to work 2 or 3 jobs just to pay for a crappy apartment and some groceries?

People too often want to bitch about the compromises that are made because of so many other problems but they don't want to get really active or creative in ending the root problems first. If we had actually focused on ending the fed, the minimum wage (resulting from labor competition) would have been even higher than Warren's estimated $22/hr. Who would care if the regulated minimum was raised to $10 then? I doubt many.