Comment: Thanks for the upvote, but

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Thanks for the upvote, but

Thanks for the upvote, but I'm not going to compromise on my principles. Trying to "fix" one evil with another is not a solution in my mind. We need to pressure politicians to repeal many, if not all, of the regulations that stifle business creation and reduce competition.

Wage fixing, which is what a minimum wage is, forces prices into the market that are not justified. This will skew supply/demand (as all government intervention does), and what you'll have is LESS employment.

Raising a minimum wage may sound good, but in the process you're eliminating the ability of low-skilled people to work, which will make them dejected and more dependent on the welfare state. Instead of focusing on these terrible "solutions" to the problem of poverty levels, we should be focusing on the right solutions. Elimination of regulation. Elimination of the Fed. Let the unhampered market bring back abundant, low cost goods for everyone, raising everyone's standard of living. Let those who can work voluntarily agree with employers for a price both deem fair (which can only happen with competitive entrepreneurship).

If we make enough noise, the politicians will listen. They like their jobs. The alternative is to lobby to propagate a broken system... which I refuse to do.