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Rule of law

I know full well that Rand in not Ron, but at some point someone will make the comparison. I struggle with the issue of illegal immigration from time to time, but for me it always comes down to the rule of law. It just irks me that anyone can blatantly ignore the laws of the land and get away with it or be offered support for it. Both government entities and citizens are to be subject to the rule of law. I believe Ron has said that rule of law trumps everything, or something to that effect. We operate by the rule of law, not the rule of man (a tyrant or elite class calling the shots, for example). That's why Ron's somewhat soft stance (IMHO) on illegal immigration always bothered me. But he has also said that there should be no amnesty, and to me a "path to citizenship" as proposed by Rand is just amnesty hidden behind semantics. And there will certainly be speculation that this is just more of Rand's "play along to get along" ploy within the Republican Party. Whatever the case, it will once again be revealed that there is no middle ground on this issue.