Comment: Radio Take Over..Maybe

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Radio Take Over..Maybe

What if the 3..or 5 biggest names in Radio (even Rush..God help us) where bombed with constant calls about whats really going on, about how Obama needs to go, should be arrested for treason, how Romney would not have made a difference, and at the mid to end of the call spring the..'Its people like you that allowed Obama to win because you didnt blow the whistle on Romney' bomb? I think within 3 months..we could pen a few more eyes..(or maybe get rid of someone talking a lot of mis-information)

As for those that dont think my post meets the so called sniff test..I could really care less what you think. I know what I was told. Why would they lie to me? I never talked to them all at once..It happened over 7 at a time..these where people I met in the store, or while walking, or other things I had to do during the day/night. I just struck up chats with them..each chat lasted 30 minutes, or lasted 2 hours.
If how long I have been on the DP helps to make me look more creditable...Ive been here a while.
If you are serving and this is not happening to you..Im glad for you and pray it never does...but be on the look out..just in case it does.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina