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You almost had me convinced

until I got to, "If we make enough noise, the politicians will listen."

No. That's totally wrong. How long has RP been fighting the fed? How many millions of lives has the fed ruined in that time? Are you saying that they need to suck it up and live a crappy life because we're not going to allow half solutions or misguided detour solutions help them out? Is it really their fault they were born into a system that no generation since 1913 has been able to fix? If the broken system doesn't get fixed for another 4 generations, should certain people be forced into wage scales that starve them?

I know many people that work 2 minimum wage jobs and some of them are single mothers of 2-4 kids. Are you saying those kids should suffer their entire childhood because of a principle that may or may not get upheld? It's a very tough problem but it does affect real people's lives right now.

I understand (and agree) it corrupts the market mechanism for prices but if the market worked, the minimum wage would be much, much higher than what they're proposing so it's not like it's a change the ruins the free market's chances once we get one. It's a change that will become insignificant. There's the distinction that I'm making.

I'm also not 100% convinced that it will kill off all that many jobs. We've done the 'raising minimum' thing how many times now and the jobs are still there. Instead of killing them all off, it usually ends up boosting inflation which ultimately created more jobs. That's a more fair burden on the people because it hits everyone and even fosters more awareness to the problems you cite, making your fight easier.

I just wish we could get the message out there that half or more of all corporations' revenue go straight to the biggest banks. Another way to see it is that without fiat inflation, prices would be half and wages triple. Maybe then people would start to ask whether we need them or not and you and I wouldn't be having this conversation.