Comment: Nope. But OldNo.7J.D. you bring up great topics.

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Nope. But OldNo.7J.D. you bring up great topics.

I am not proud of it. I am not ashamed either. I happened to pop out of my mom's womb in this geographic area. It is nothing to be proud of. But as far as comparing the US to other countries, I don't see this as my favorite at all. It is not that great of a time to be living here. The most important thing to me is freedom and we have very little of it.

American culture is a completely manufactured one. It's not easy to embrace Kraft™ Mac-n-Cheese, Oscar Meyer™ hotdogs on Wonder™ buns with Heinz™ catchup, Grey Poupon™ mustard, and Mt. Olive™ pickles. Nor is it easy to show excitement about Britney Spears™ Hit me one more time, Justin Beiber™ Baby, Hank Williams Jr™, or even Madonna™ as they are all promoted and controlled by a certain group with and agenda.

The only deep rich culture, imo, that grew up organically is that of the deep South, Louisiana in particular. This is the heart of Blues, Jazz, and Zydeco music memes. These are truly unique forms of art created by Americans. I can dig these. And that is not saying that the corporate music industry does not come out with talent. It just seems that creativity, art, and talent are not their primary agenda.

Hollywood sucks imho. What a plastic, expensive, materialistic, and agenda-pushing abomination to the art of moving pictures.

American fashion sucks. I am so sick of women's clothing getting tighter, sheerer, tinier, cheaper(half a dozen washings and they're toast), and skankier by the year. I shutter to imagine what women will be forced to wear in a mere five years from now. And yes, I mean forced. There are only a few dozen clothing shops that dominate the entire Country now. What a disgrace. Men's clothing have not deteriorated as fast.

As for freedom, as in America, the land of the free, well, LMAO. I have visited 30 countries. The US is leaps and bounds the least free of all thirty. Only those who understand freedom and have traveled would know this. Many conflate prosperity with freedom. And the propaganda coming from the US State-controlled television is always touting the America the greatest BS.

I know it is an unpopular viewpoint. And for those who think that realists like myself should just leave I will tell you why Americans uniquely have the toughest time leaving. The US is the only Country in the world that requires their citizens working overseas to pay US income tax on wages earned abroad....indefinitely. So unless you revoke your US citizenship you will be forced to pay double taxes when you leave. And once you revoke it you will be hard pressed to return to visit family. The USGovt does not see kindly on its property abandoning ship.

And as far as taxes I truly see Americans as getting the biggest rip-off of all. Although at first blush it would appear that we have it good, when the cost of health care is added into our tax we, by far, pay more than any Scandinavian Country. Their tax burden at least returns some benefits. Ours: not. For the average American the most he is receiving in benefits are roads and the PO. We are forced to pay for a military that employs nearly twice as many people as the World's largest corporation and in return we get absolutely no defense. We get a military that unequivocally puts our safety in jeopardy.

The best thing about living in the US is the dollar. Since the dollar is the World's reserve currency Americans have been able to live far better than the rest of the world by the mechanism of exporting inflation. So we have been able to buy imported goods at cheap prices. As in every empire the people living in the empire live off the proceeds of their colonies. In a very hidden fashion, Americans have had this exorbitant privilege for many years. We live off the sweat and blood of most of the rest of the world. This is especially true for the more connected of us. Since this means of theft is so hidden very few know about it. It is easy to think that Americans are exceptional by not knowing this. It is a big bummer to figure out that we have been plundering a large portion of our success.

So that's that.