Comment: The 'Pro-Deathers'

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The 'Pro-Deathers'

should consider...the possibility that there would of been of a lesser need to adopt from other parts of the world. ie Russia, Asia, etc.

This is a question of personal and community responsibility and immediate gratification. Before, if someone had difficulty with their families, the communities were much closer knit and willing to help out.

Those babies should live so there is no easy way out and these 'unfit' mothers should be helped by the community and in more severe instances face other penalties for child neglect. If you want to play you have to pay imo.

What happens today when women do not want to care for the infant?
I do not see babies being disposed of as trash all over the place. I think people are better than that here. There also would of been less of a need for mass immigration.

Heck people used to have massive families and though the circumstances were not the most pleasant at times, people got by.

This whole issue is a terrible indictment of society and what we have become and we are reaping the consequences of it imo.

Btw, it always easier to destroy than to create.