Comment: That is why I invest in big apartments for Cash Flow

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That is why I invest in big apartments for Cash Flow

She is right about decentralization. But its about networking and growing "your investment team" locally so that you are big enough to capitalize on what we all know is coming (world debt crises).

So, Myself and a few other RP patriots have joined together into an LLC. We first learned what companies to use to switch our 401ks over to "self directed IRAs" and then we began our quest for positive cash flow. We invested our retirement funds into apt buildings that we can see and touch and have professionally managed for us. So now, 4 times a Month, usually on a Monday, we get together at Mimis Cafe and go over our Property Manager Investor Reports. We spend Monday basically, managing the property manager. One of the best policies we have is making sure our tenants all pay their rent via direct deposit.

And since we are all RP Patriots, we know that come hard times via the debt criss us default banking collapse, our units will be fully leased. Our discussions lately have been about ideas on how to take payment when that event occurs.

But we have been lucky. We caught lots of markets at the bottom in 2010. Some buildings that we invested in are getting 8%, and 9% and 10%, and one is getting 12% on our money each month. It all depending which apt building we are talking about. What we really like is that the buildings are all appreciating. Phoenix is up 17% and that is very conservative because I have seen other MLS sources saying its much higher. Nevertheless, we patriots expect that when we sell our IRR will be over 36%. Buying and selling is all about timing... so you can imagine our wonderful Monday investor club meetings.

So as she says, invest locally. I second that. But also make sure its the right local market. There are DYING Cities out there. But there are growing ones too. Right now there are 16 sub city markets that are showing great returns and if you buy right, you will be ready for any major down turn.

Like Doug Casey says, "most libertarians are as poor as church mice", but we like to say in reply to Doug, "It doesn't have to be that way. When like-minded patriots come together, our investment power grows exponentially. Most of all, we can capitalize on the market knowledge we all share".


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