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Missed insights.

If abortion was illegal and couples were expected to give birth to and support their children, there may not be so many unwanted pregnancies. It's about responsibility. The government wouldn't be forcing people to have babies any more than it is forcing them to conceive and then abort them now.

What is the definition of an unfit mother? Wow, that would be an arrogant decision by anyone.

I would contend that few mothers are immediately bonded to their child as soon as they see a positive pregnancy test. For some, maybe most, it will take all of nine months and even the process of birth itself to create that bond that is further strengthened by the care of the infant. To assume that an unwanted pregnancy would result in an unwanted child is to overlook the human process of love.

Currently, there are thousands of couples who would love to adopt a child or more. As our fertility and health rates drop, there will be more.

So, I do not think that "unwanted babies" will be a consequence of anti-abortion laws. However, knowing that certain lawmakers are adept at turning anything they consider a lemon into lemonade for themselves, I am concerned that there may indeed be real unintended consequences that could severely affect the lives and liberty of women and their families. This would be government intrusion into pregnancy. In the name of fighting abortion, would women be subject to mandated tests? Would their pregnancies be tracked? Would expectant mothers that made choices that were unacceptable to government standards be treated like criminals? For example, if the mother refused care or ate junk food, would she be prosecuted for endangering her child? Examples of this have already occurred and we are currently living in the Roe v. Wade world.

Outlawing abortion will be tricky business and Ron Paul was spot on when he said that it should be a state issue. That way there would at least 50 experiments on how best to deal with all the issues that may arise. And 49 other options if you happened to live in a state that got it wrong.