Comment: You mean all my mom friends who adopt

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You mean all my mom friends who adopt

wouldn't have to fly to the other side of the world and spend thousands and thousands of dollars and could adopt right here?

They do that because adoption is expensive in the litigious USA.

I know a mom who has taken custody of a 13 year old who's mom is an addict. The kid happened to be visiting the church, and before she's know's it she's got another kid. She had the lawyer write in that she would be homeschooling - not going to fight the battle of having issues with public school deprogramming.

I know another mom who adopts Down's. I know another that just adopted three girls from Kenya - she already has three and just found out she's pregnant! Life is exciting for those that embrace it!

After many of these women have babies, many will keep them. I know I did and it changed my life for the better. The best part about being a teen mom is that when you get older, everyone thinks you're the big sister and not the mom. Other perks are gettting your figure back, learning about what's really important in life and not wasting time on the rat race hamster wheel the Elites have set up.

These 55 million would be somewhere doing something - like propping social security up!