Comment: Desire to be "under" the law.

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Desire to be "under" the law.

Only the lawless are under the law. Lawful people are not under the law. Sinners do not inherit the Kingdom and sin is the transgression of the law. Do we void the law through faith? No, we establish it. The Law is our tutor so if you never learn to be lawful then you are always under the law. If you learn to be lawful then it doesn't make the law of no effect. There are many laws spoken of in Scripture but nowhere does it say that Yahwehs laws are void.

We are offered the grace of salvation under condition that we repent of our sins. How can you repent yet continue to sin. If you willfully continue in sin then you are guilty of crucifying Messiah all over again and your salvation is in jeopardy.

How can you love your neighbor as yourself yet kill him, steal from him, covet his things, adulterise with his wife or lie about him? In like manner how can you love Yahweh with all your heart, all you soul and all your mind yet set pagan worship before Him, make His Name naught, make images of what you think He, or His Son, looks like or forsake "HIS" Sabbath in preference for the day of sun worship.

How can someone say that we are no longer required to keep the law then turn around and say "you need to go to church on Sunday", "you need to tithe", "you need to keep Christmas", "you need to keep Easter", etc... many of which are against HIS LAW?

When Paul tell Timothy that Scripture is profitable for instruction in righteousness he is talking about the Old Testament. Hebrews also says that those were an example for us. Messiah who is the ultimate example did not sin. Why is it that so many insist on teaching sinfulness is ok. If Galatians is telling you to live in sin then it is Galatians that you should be questioning, not me.

The idea that we can ignore His laws is the same as if you got stopped by a cop for speeding and he had grace on you and let you go. He is not giving you permission to continue speeding and when he catches you again willfully speeding then there will be no mercy the second time.

I'm not even going to get into what is meant by "the letter of the law" when you reject the law all together. I will just reiterate what I said at the beginning which is that you are not "walking with God" if you lead a sinful life and sin is the transgression of the law.

When I say "you" I use it as a general term and am not singling you out. Just for clarification. :-) I hope you do not read anger or malice into these posts.