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Comment: Since we are not speaking about the morality of the issue how

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Since we are not speaking about the morality of the issue how

about talking the economics of the issue.

How many productive people/consumers/producers have been erased from the US economy before they took a breath?

How many sales of diapers, pencils, jars of baby food, school supplies, clothing, bicycles, cars, etc. etc. etc have been preempted?

How many inventions, ideas, contributions, strong arms and voices of the people have been preempted?

Talk about preemptive strikes…they have been going on a long time prior to the “War on Terror.” Or perhaps a “War OF Terror” has been going on for years now, but the screams are silent and the tears shed are in private.

Show me wheel barrows of living babies on the way to the dump. I can find plenty of people to take the challenge. My own sister is trying to adopt a baby from China. It is going to take 12 months at least and a lot of money. I have a friend who adopted 3 brothers from Russia. I have another friend who adopted a girl from Guatemala and planning on a 2nd.

Gee, if there were babies in a wheel barrow traveling down my street to the dump, I’d take them all. I'd take the one you refuse as well, that is unless, you didn't decide to take one yourself.