Comment: The Libertarian "Blue Card Solution" is best

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The Libertarian "Blue Card Solution" is best

Its time that RAND PAUL come out for the "BLUE CARD" with Mexico and any-other participating countries.

Recall, the Blue Card is not the Green-Card, It does not make you a US-citizen or any citizen. With a Blue Card you get to keep your citizenship, yet work and live in another country. US Citizens need exactly that BLUE CARD when they work and live in say Hong Kong, or Singapore or Mexico, or anywhere in the world.

Recall also that the number of BLUE CARDS is tied to the number from the participating country. Say one million US Citizens who want to live and work in Mexico so then Mexico issues these US citizens Blue Cards to live there. (believe it or not there is over a million US citizens who live in Mexico, many retires. There are thousands and thousands of US citizens living in Cost Rica for example.) And because one million US Citizens are living in Mexico with a BLUE CARD, so the INS issues out 1 million Blue Cards to Mexicans who want to live and work in the USA.

The Blue Card is a middle way. It allows for relatively free emigration and immigration. It allows people to live and work and yet at the same time is stops "over immigration" whereby a flood of foreign people overwhelm the host country. For example, if China, with 1.5 billion people strong has just 1% of its people wanting to come to the USA that would be 15 million Chinese. Now that is not an unreasonable guess at the number of Chinese that would both want to come to the USA and have the funds to do so. Today, there are over 1 million Chinese millionaires. The USA,with its 350 million people, would feel the "invasion". And that is just talking China. Then there are the billion plus in India. And lets not forget the rest of the world's countries.

So the really Big Question is, "How can countries balance both the outflow and the inflow of people, without feeling invaded? That answer is the BLUE CARD.

Its time for Rand Paul and others to start championing the libertarian BLUE-CARD idea.

For discussion, can you imagine the benefits and good positive spin-off results this can bring?

Say a country is undesirable to US citizens, yet that country has plenty that want to come to the USA. The pressure on that country grows and tries to become desirable to US citizens. Yes, all countries around the world will feel this pressure created by the BLUE-CARD System. And in the end, that is a good thing for peace and trade and harmony amongst the countries of the world.

And is the BLUE CARD the 'best' solution or the 'final solution' to "illegal immigration"? No.... but its a start. More over lets not forget, many immigrants DO NOT WANT TO BECOME US CITIZENS but are infact forced to seek citizenship inorder to work and live. That is crazy. If your son took a 10 year job in Beijing China, should he be forced to "become Chinese citizen" in order to live and work in China? No. So while Rand Paul is talking about the "10 million Mexican illegals" let us keep in mind the fact that many, if not most, do not want to "become" US Citizens, but are rather forced to do so in order to live and work here.


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