Comment: Good grief.

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Good grief.

I took your question seriously and answered it respectfully, and you reply in this fashion.

I can see now that your post was simply a bait to argue- not look for any answers.

I am astounded that you demand that I believe you to be the judge of which mothers are "unfit."

Oh boy. I have an idea. Why not imprison those women who would be unfit mothers so that they don't burden the world with unwanted babies? Let's sterilize anyone caught with crack, because everyone knows that is the cause of pregnancy. And, in keeping with current policies, let's demand that children live in "crack houses."

And just so that no charitable organizations or do gooders interfere with our warped sense of justice, let's ban religion and jail philanthropists or covetous couples who are so desperate that they are willing to throw good money out the window supporting inferior babies.

There. That should fix everything.