Comment: The best type of tax?

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The best type of tax?

Sales tax reduces trade and lowers standards of living.

Income tax punishes hard work and investment and is terribly expensive to collect.


Property tax is cheap and easy to collect and encourages people to sell unused property so it may be used more productively. It would be difficult for the taxpayer to escape the tax. Property tax revenue can be distributed locally without expanding a national bureaucracy.

Georgism (also called Geoism or Geonomics) is an economic philosophy and ideology that holds that people own what they create, but that things found in nature, most importantly land, belong equally to all.[1] The Georgist philosophy is based on the writings of the economist Henry George (1839–1897), and is usually associated with the idea of a single tax on the value of land.
Georgists argue that a tax on land value is economically efficient, fair, and equitable; and that it can generate sufficient revenue so that other taxes (e.g. taxes on profits, sales or income), which are less fair and efficient, can be reduced or eliminated. A tax on land value has been described by many as a progressive tax, since it would be paid primarily by the wealthy, and would reduce economic inequality.[2]

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