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Comment: Abortion is so damn tricky

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Abortion is so damn tricky

Abortion is so damn tricky that I doubt there will ever be a perfect answer for libertarians.

I personally hate abortion. Babies are babies and to kill one for personal convenience is evil. But then I ask myself "what if all abortions are banned, will people stop getting abortions?" I think the answer to that question is no. Women who want abortions will then go underground or attempt to abort the baby themselves. That situation is not favorable either. The three best solutions I can think of are:

1. Turn this issue over to the states
2. Ban late term abortions (second – third trimester abortions) unless life to the mother is threatened, and maybe in cases of rape as well.
3. Define when life begins. If life ends when brain activity ceases then that means life begins when brain activity is detectable.

That’s my conclusion. I much more prefer solutions 1 and 3 though.