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Secret prisions, torture,

Secret prisions, torture, bribes to warlords, the TSA groping you and the NSA spying on you are all part and parcel of the same thing - the United States' insistence on being world cop and looking for an endless stream of enemies overseas. Unending war overseas always leads to a police state at home. If Israel wants a war with Iran Israel can fight it. But the United States should stay out. It's not our feud.

I think the wisest thing we can do about Iran is show patience. Try to restore normal diplomatic relations with the country, just as we had with the Soviet Union, which was a mortal threat to our country, and had far more nuclear weapons than Iran ever will. End the sanctions and allow normal trade with Iran. Eventually a more moderate regime will come to power there, just as the Communist regime in the Soviet Union fell. But this requires thinking over the long term, and recognizing the humanity in our "enemies", which Americans aren't very good at doing.