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Certainly OldNo7JD.

As far as freedom in other countries, I concluded that it doesn't pay to control poor people. Therefore any country that has a lower standard of living has more freedom. Even in Europe though, which is not too free, the building codes are minimal, smoking in public is fine, airport security is lax, there is no war on natural foods or drugs, prescriptions can be chosen and dispensed at the pharmacies, to name a few things.

Here is an example. In Israel, which is not too free, I met a friend who owned a condominium. It was on the top floor. He was a clever guy. He remodeled his unit with a completely different roof and exterior. He designed it himself and did not even have an engineering degree. His design was really bizarre. It had tension beams holding up the vaulted ceiling. It looked totally different from the rest of the building and frankly a bit precarious. So the building codes are virtually non-existent. In Mexico there are no building codes. But they build their structures with solid concrete walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. They will last a hundred years. We build ours with flimsy 2x4s or empty block. Ours will last a fraction of the time that theirs will.

So those examples are for the more developed countries. In the underdeveloped countries things are even more free. Taxes are virtually non-existent. There are no building codes, no business licenses, no need for prescriptions for pharmaceuticals, and no FDA or health departments shutting down small business. Prostitution is generally illegal but never enforced, guns maybe illegal but allowed, traffic laws are minimal, drugs are generally illegal but not enforced, no draconian environmental laws, surveillance is minimal because it doesn't pay to spy on poor people, tax laws are minimal, littering is not illegal, education is not mandatory (homeschooling is not frowned upon), children are still able to go outside and have fun, and smoking is allowed in public.

These are some of the things I can think of off hand. To many who have not studied liberty much, they are repulsed at some countries, mostly Mexico, for some of the above qualities. But that is what freedom looks like to me. The littering problem, imho, has to do with lack of property rights. It's the tragedy of the commons. People generally won't litter their own property, but then go out onto the street (commons) and litter. Without laws and readily available trash receptacles - why not litter?

I always get sick when I travel. So in the following countries I just went to the pharmacy, told them the symptoms, or the drug I wanted and got them: Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Bhutan, Argentina, and Israel. I chewed coco leaves in Peru and as I was flying home I remembered they were in my luggage. I freaked out. I thought for sure I would go to jail. And once I carried Cuban cigars back from Mexico and got them confiscated. What a joke.

The following shows how China's property rights are far stronger than ours here. This new highway had to go around this dilapidated apartment building because a couple did not want to sell.

I really love where I live now. I do not want to leave. I really just want to be left alone. But the government wants my property. They have re-designated it as 'preserve' while I lived here, without my knowledge, or consent. So I will stay and fight. Perhaps when they have sucked us dry of money they will finally leave us alone. I would much rather be poor a free than illegitimately prosperous (from exporting inflation) and demoralized and enslaved.