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you are the one that deflects

I will answer any question you have directly, but you can never answer mine, because you have no logic. Tell me where the “state” prevents aggression; the “State” is aggression by definition. You (Mark Hanson) make a choice every day not to break the law…….are you saying you don’t do it because you might get caught or do you choose not to do it because you know it’s not right. So under your logic you are either a psychopath or a moral person (volunteer not to infringe on others rights). Do you believe that you are the only “moral” person in the world? If you believe that…….then you are an elitist and you want to control all others by “State” coercion……you want to be in power……..and not respect the “Liberty” of others……You see Mark…..Liberty is about the other person “right” to exist in the way they want……not the way you want……this philosophy comes from the only person to perfect personal liberty……Jesus Christ. If you are not an elitist, than other moral people must exist. The “State” does not protect anyone……they only try and capture them after the crime is committed and hold them responsible to the laws the state the morals of the state. I am sure you would defend the second amendment…..why …..You believe it is your “right” to protect yourself…..granted by whom……the “State”. Do you know that wasn’t even the intent of the second amendment? The “intent” was to not allow a “national standing army”……because the anti-federalist knew that a standing army led to the usurpation of power. But nice try…….one day….maybe….you might see……But I will keep praying for you because if you ever see the logic you will make a great soldier for “LIBERTY”

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"