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Comment: Ah yes. The PBS (*ahem*) coverage of this last night was

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Ah yes. The PBS (*ahem*) coverage of this last night was

predictably abysmal. Sad to be reminded of just how bought off our so-called national press is....

Talking heads mentioned Rand Paul being a star but as a lead up to Sarah Palin being called out... and all identified as Tea Partiers (with that tone you use when you pick up a cat puke with a handful of toilet paper).

Mentioned the familiar, played-out problems of the GOP not being inclusive of youngfolk, etc. Need to spend more money on it. Oh, and those politically wily Latino voters.

NO mention of RNC illegality / shenanigans / rule-changing to F over RP gang. NO mention of pending lawsuits by delegates.

Sometimes I just wanna wish reeeal hard that I didn't live in the Twilight Zone! : (

(This Priebus character sure is a clammy-handed little cracker, too.... looks like you could snap his neck with your pinky....)

What would the Founders do?