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nice to see

that a government Troll finally knows what a straw man argument is after being called out for using one so many times. . Just because you don't believe that airplanes have wings doesn't necessarily make you a troll, you could be a computer designed not to understand the word wings, so hold on, I'm gonna crash you....ehem...WingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWings WingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWingsWings somebody call the geek squad!

It's easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled. ... Ah Mark Twain,