Comment: "Senators aim to extend ban on Internet access tax"-Jan, 31,2013

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"Senators aim to extend ban on Internet access tax"-Jan, 31,2013

Jan, 31, 2013

- Looks like a few senators were trying to EXTEND a bill that bans the taxing of the internet, until 2014, if this has not changed, someone correct me if im wrong, they have a law that makes THIS bill, illegal


"New legislation introduced yesterday by Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) and Dean Heller (Nev.) is designed to extend the ban indefinitely. The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act would stop governments from imposing new taxes on Internet access."

"The Internet Tax Freedom Act is due to expire in November 2014, but two senators want to extend it indefinitely."

"Passed in 1998, the Internet Tax Freedom Act prevents federal, state, and local governments from collecting sales taxes on the use of e-mail and other types of Internet access. The bill is due to expire November of next year."

So if im not mistaken, or am uninformed of any recent going ons, there is a ban from government imposing a tax, until at least 2014,

what am i missing, did they revoke the ban, or is this something completly different