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You are correct.

That is what the poster is asking. But to add to your definition of "consequences", which you MUST consider (or else you are just as potentially guilty of dehumanizing), are the mothers and their family and socio-economic situations and thus the *futures* of the children birthed. Abuse? Neglect? Worse?

What then happens to / how do we as a society provide for--well, you used "consequences" (word games, indeed), but I prefer to say "human beings"--all the people involved? More welfare? Special adoptive programs?

I think the point here may be to think constructively--insofar as to consider the real possibility of abortion being made illegal. What action steps do we take as a society and at what cost and to whom to remedy the subsequent challenges? C'mon, hang up the knee-jerk anger response, and put on that thinking cap!

What would the Founders do?