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I'm a human

and I don't care to be forced to pay for Abortion Enforcement and the host of other GOOD INTENTIONS that pave the road to hell.

You don't actually care for all the aborted humans. You think you do, but in practice all you do is feel bad for them. Have you stood down at the abortion clinic offering to pay for the prenatal care and adoption afterwards? Have you ever followed up on a child that was not aborted to see if they are being treated with love and care?

When you 'care' for others with other people's time and money it is not you that is CARING, it is you forcing others to carry the cost of your pretend caring through intimidation and extortion.

You think ObamaCare is a nightmare? Wait till the Central Planners get hold of the Authority over Birth/Life.

Central Planning = Central Authority = Central Ownership. If someone assumes the responsibility to plan a Life, then they must assume the Authority to do so. If they have Authority over said Life, then they in practice OWN said life.

You want to be responsible for 50 million lives, then take the FULL responsibility and leave this human out of it. I don't care to pay for abortions and I don't care to pay to prevent them.

Put YOUR money where your feelings are, get down to the abortion clinic, and start showing just how altruistic YOU are. Start a Foundation that offers women with unwanted pregnancies incentives to carry the child full term to adoption. Are there enough like you to do it? I think there probably is, y'all can reap all the glory of saving millions of lives without pushing the cost onto the rest of us.

If you want to make life less Cheap, DO NOT PUT IT IN THE HANDS OF CENTRAL PLANNERS.