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The rape problem

I think the politicians and the people get confused about the making abortion legal in the cases of rape. If you are a pro-lifer because you believe the unborn is either a human because of a soul (Christian) or a person with rights (libertarian) than the cause of the pregnancy is neither here nor there. A baby made from rape is still a protected human.

I think the R's in the media who went down this path were mistaken (they looked monsterous for no good reason) and the D's who attacked them were also sitting in the same boat (they were just attacking monsters).

On #3, the bioethics debates of determining a life based on biology type metrics doesn't seem to work out because it can quickly and easily create criteria where it is either immoral to harm a prawn, or to make the case that a one-month-old has appropriate human cognitive ability above a cow, etc. This is what I've observed at least.

I agree with you that the solution should probably be 1 and 2, and I really don't know the real ethics behind early term abortions, but it seems common-sensey to me that little clusters of cells aren't quite human beings and that it gets cloudier and more challenging with every day towards the birthday.

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