Comment: It appears Rand must have received

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It appears Rand must have received

his MD at a Mexican Forgery Shop, because he couldn't of earned it through studies in a College! Nobody in their right minds could support such an action if they were trully educated???

I could right a book full of stories about the illegals, but I'm going to give you a brief story my brother just learned from a nurse at a high school in the 5th Ward of Houston. Just some background info, 10yrs ago 5th Ward was majority Black, now it's Mexican. She told him she has to deal with 14,15 and sixteen yr old Mexicans, who are pregnant, all the time (By the way she's Mexican/American). Now for the kicker! Their parents 'encourage' them to get pregnant so they can receive more benifits! Then she tells him how they don't let the students take their books home, because they won't bring them back or lose them. However, the students keep demanding they should get their own laptops!!!! She said they scrouged up money to buy digital cameras, but they said they refused to take them, and demanded they get laptops!!!! Rand you are either a pawn to the Corporations or just plainly an ignorant fool! 90% of the illegals I talk to don't want to be citizens, they just want all the free stuff, and believe they are going to take 'their' land back, which they are told was stolen from them. I have read in Mexican school books, it tell them of their duty to 'Reconquista la Atzlan' or retake their territory of Atzlan. They say Santa Ana was a POS Spaniard and didn't have the right to reliquish the land after he was defeated at San Jacinto. Rand is becoming more of an establishment globolist shill by the day! I'll bet Dr Paul will be thinking, he had so much promise, and pissed it all the way to join the Team of failure.