Comment: If this is suffering, I hope to suffer far more

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If this is suffering, I hope to suffer far more

I refused to join the GOP in 07, and today, that remains my biggest regret. It's not that joining the GOP was easy, it wasn't, nor was going to my first meeting, or being alone as a guest on the committee for nearly a year before another Ron paul Republican began showing up, and then another, and another.. and today, my committee is unballanced in that we have a Liberty committee, and I enjoy it, I enjoy our meetings, which are much like being at Daily Paul on person.. so this was not what I wanted to do, but it has paid off in my having a from row seat to the decline of the Neocons and rise of the republiCANs in the rEVOLution.

The CA GOP convention was great because while the tea party was rebuking the leadership of the GOP for getting a taste of what republiCANS went through in 07/08, the Liberty movement was alive and well, and happy.. just like Adam at CPAC.

It's vibrant and alive and exciting and we are now bringing the issues on DP to resolutions and inniatives for our states, and settling in, networking, and absolutly planning on campaigning for Rand in the GOP. I really don't know how many of us are really concerned about who the democrats run or anyone else.. it's very different from Ron, because with Ron paul, he didn't have the seats on the GOP, but Rand gained them, and is still gaining.

If you think you can do better than the patriots in the GOP working at state and county levela to restore the republic and liberty.. more power to you.. meanwhile.. this is the best political experience of my lifetime and I'm grateful to have a front row seat.