Comment: Geez, Got Emotion Much?

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Geez, Got Emotion Much?

I never said anything about crying actors on TV.

I do tire of "skeptics" who cry out for facts, but their definition of what constiutes a fact constantly changes so that the boat never ever gets rocked.

There are some heavily documented cases of mass terror/shootings/mayhem that have been utilized by those in the power structure to advance an agenda.

The most obvious: the Reischtag fire- allowing Hitler to become dictator of Germany

Actually, it's the oldest trick in the book. I don't get where people act like the government, who has destroyed the wealth and life savings of our country wouldn't punch a guy with glasses on. Don't you know about the Franklin Coverup? These people rape kids for fun, so I don't understand why it would be beyond them to kill a bunch to push a narrative.

But hey, if you want some facts on the Octopus that runs our country, knock yourself out: