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I absolutely agree with you about the govt dissolving consequences. I think it's also a little more than that as well. All their regulations and controls and constant interference have sucked the life out of the people. I'm of the opinion that more people than ever are struggling to find purpose in their lives. It probably would have been more accurate for me to say that the disease is rampant fear, and government is the instrument used as a means of maintaining an illusion of control for the fearful. The problem becomes circular because the more control is used, the worse the unintended consequences become and out of fear people insist on more control and round and round we go! Govt becomes heroin to the fearful and they end up chasing the dragon.

As far as the 55 million unwanted children figure, I mean, it's really hard to say what the actual numbers might be. It might not be that high, but then again what numbers might increase? Deaths from black market abortions? Babies born premature and/or with fetal alcohol syndrome/chemical dependencies (I so dislike the term "crack babies" :( )? I think the main point the OP was trying to make is that merely making it illegal will not solve the problem and we need to consider what problems we might end up causing in our haste to feel liked we've "fixed" the abortion issue.

Anywho, thanks for your input! :)

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