Comment: False reality's disestablishment!

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False reality's disestablishment!

Thank you Ben for another eye-opening reality show! So what's for real? Well,sit back, observe, watch what's going on, don't get caught up in it. After having practiced this tactic for a while, I perceive a field of dreams, with wisps of flagrant lies, trying desperately to engulf with ignorance my beloved country's citizenry. Watching what's going on, one can also see this represents the final grasps of breath left in the deceiving leadership of the world. As always, fighting to dominate. The reporting on Syria, portraying hoards of natives for two years rising up against an entrenched leadership is ludicrous. Why? Because these protesters are, in fact, professional/fanatical foreign fighters. The cheesy weird reporting so exemplary of CNN cover, leads one to such conclusion, even without Ben's interview with Damascus. Those now in control are getting desperate. They know well we already past the “Rubicon.” Now this is a post 12.21.2012 world. That's why the lies don't sell so well any longer: Syrian regime change – no more a forgone conclusion. So just sit back, watch what's going on, and don't get caught up in it. Good's gonna happen, no matter what!