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Two things:

1) It is obvious that Rogan has emotionally dismissed this a priori, rather than keeping an open mind and continuing to look into it.

So he is obviously not informed enough to take seriously.

2) Neil Tyson was unfamiliar with not only the term chemtrails and the actual evidence that has been presented, but also none of the corporate, political and documentary evidence for it.

So he gave the stock scientists answer that any legitimate scientist would give under the circumstances.

ie. This conversation was completely devoid of any actual evidence that supports the theory of ongoing weather modification in the US.

Illustrated by the facts that (among other things):

- Many, many planes have been photographed showing the complete *lack* of a gap between thee engine and the "contrail" (quotes emphasized)

- High concentrations of aluminum particulate and other chemicals are consistently found in areas where the contrails are frequent, and *not* found in areas where they aren't.

We need scientists like Neil Degrasse to start stepping up and saying something about corporate hijacking and modification of the biosphere. Including GMO's AND chemtrails.

Before it's way too late.