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Every time you go camping or

Every time you go camping or diving or hiking you are living in anarchy. Violence is rare.

Yet where the apparatus of the state exists their is continual violence and coercion.

Further, in the context of the law, it's useless anyway. You will be hard pressed to find a policeman to repatriate any stolen property anywhere on the planet. So what is it exactly that this coercive law accomplishes? Almost exclusively it accomplishes expropriation of property. The tiny bit that is supposed to protect you.. doesn't. That's really left up to you. The massive part that is effective, is there to violate people.

I have no utopian ideal of anything. I'm a consequentialist. Nevertheless it is my duty as an animal to judge morality. I may be wrong about what is right and wrong for me to do, but I cannot escape the decision. I may make a mistaken choice that promotes the opposite of my goal. But I still have a goal. Human's act.

I do not in any way feel my actions and opinions need to be approved by anyone else. If I did I would surely be an unhappy person.

If they approve of moral behavior, well and good. If they wish me to behave immorally or accept immorality, they need to produce a gun.

That's where the state comes in.