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My opinion....

People who see trails in the sky and say, "Oh, they are spraying again" I think are way off base. The government knows how to fly at a proper altitude to leave no contrail, this was figured out in WWII - look it up.

I'm not saying that they aren't spraying, but what you see most likely isn't the spraying, it's just high elevation commercial aircraft in a cold and almost 100% humidity air layer.

Example. All flights around here are at ~33,000 or above, because honestly, there is no airport even remotely close to me, so they are very high up. You will rarely hear a plane at that altitude. On a cloudy/overcast day, sometimes it will be VERY loud. Sometimes you get to see the loud aircraft for a brief moment. Now those could be spraying, but why? They are too high and going way too fast. Usually there are 45,000 ft (estimate) and doing supersonic speeds.

I judge altitude by shadows on contrails and using echo tops off of radar to see what elevation the lower clouds are, the rest you can infer. In stratus cloud weather, you can use a sounding to determine the cloud heights.

Point is, if they wanted to spray you with no trail, they would. Yes, there are documented cases of spraying, and there are planes designed to spray. But for what purpose? Oil slicks? Fires? See my point.

So lay off with the pictures of con trails and calling that spraying, it's not. If they are going to spray, you wont see it.