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To all you people bashing Rand Paul and saying they should have came here legally, first of all blame the US for not securing there border good enough and making most of LATAM impoverished in the first place. Blame the drug wars and the US not doing anything to legalize drugs and stop the war that is being waged on LATAM, second for god sakes we have to facilitate the legal immigration in the first place reform is needed to accomplish this. Rand Paul is right we just cant deport all those people most of these people are here to work and want to be productive and tax paying people of society. If you are a criminal then you get sent back to your country of origin simple as that. We should also not give incentives to people to come here illegally because they think they can get anything free, they should come here because they want to work and make contributions to American society. All you people saying oh illegals here illegals there the system is so hard to get here legally in the first place, most of your ancestors had it easy they either made it to the US through Ellis Island and were asked nothing! Most of it due to the fact that they were of European decent yes its all pure racism into play, had it been Africans or Asians they would have been turned away. People really think about it sometimes there are laws put into place that make no sense and go against our constitution, should be reformed a huge example of this is the segregation laws, so you are going to tell me if you were African American and lived through that era just because the law tells you to do something well it must be right! no we have to stand up for the right of our selves and of others! We need reform of this whole immigration laws because they are blatantly flawed!