Comment: Update from 3/13/2013

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Update from 3/13/2013

So my wife and I brought up our concerns about vaccine related health risks and the potential health implications brought on by the ingredients in the vaccines themselves...and the response was what I had hoped to not be the case. We were told they are safe. I was asked if the research I was doing was current, which I replied yes. I brought up several different ingredients such as Formaldehyde, Ammonium Sulfate and Human Albumin of lung tissue to a silent uncomfortableness in the room. The pediatrician said the vaccines they used were from Merck and that was the most information we received in order to do more research on the Merck site directly. I will be printing off the inserts of all the vaccines they are using provided by Merck for file purposes and find it odd that the pediatrician couldn't tell me any ingredients in the vaccines he himself administers, rather that I had to research Merck directly to get answers and only because he happened to mention which Pharma/Vaccine provider they use. He mentioned 2-3 times they have no preservatives, but never mentioned what they do contain, which is a greater concern than preservatives, although a slight relief.

He did ultimately state several times it is OUR choice and that he recommends the standard schedule even when we brought up the Sears schedule and alternate schedules/no vaccines.

Ultimately he seemed uncomfortable and even at one point could be heard sighing at our wife and I were not very impressed with the lack of conversation our questions invoked.

Press on DP'ers...ask, ask, ask and question, research, scrutinize everything...the education alone iis enlightening and can nurture the wisdom you seek.

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