Comment: Dear Justin D Klinkebiel and family,

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Dear Justin D Klinkebiel and family,

I do respect you patronizing my business. But since you are a Libertarian, I must be honest. You act as a government clerk. You want me to provide some work/service (info) to you for no pay. The extra work must be done since I have only government regulations and scientific studies at hand - and those are in public domain and you are free to look up yourself. I am already spending 30% of my professional time filling out government forms and those from government regulated insurances. If I were free to practice medicine as I please, you would not do the vaccination if you do not want and I would be just fine with that. I am even fine now with whatever you do or do not do. Send all your grievances to the Surgeon General.

In health,
Dr. Koltar and staff.