Comment: Rand Paul is a symbol of our progress

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Rand Paul is a symbol of our progress

You say the powers-that-be will never allow Rand to get elected because they control the media. I say by then, the media and the PtB will be irrelivant and unable to stop us if WE do our jobs.

No one thinks Rand Paul, or anyone else is going to be some cure-all. However our ability to succeed is a testiment to where the country truly is politically speaking.

If we can get a Rand Paul elected, it means we have also taken over the establishment party to such a degree that this is even possible. If we have done that, it is evidence that the people's belief in the authority and the "influence" the main stream media has are both evaporating.

You could look at the election of a libertarian like Rand Paul as a form of barometer to show you exactly where you are. If you can elect a Rand Paul, then the year after, you'll be able to elect a Ron Paul. And if you can elect a Ron Paul, than it doesn't matter that you did, because you've already won the battle by completely overrunning the power structures that used to oppose you. They don't win elections by luck. They win because it is the will of the masses and this shows that the narrative of a nation, as well as what is "normal" has changed.