Comment: I do not believe that we can ever gain a "Misesian" Free-Market

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I do not believe that we can ever gain a "Misesian" Free-Market

via voting and lobbying. Since a Misesian Free-Market is based on "Consumer" Sovereignty -- meaning consumer's rule via POS (point of sale) purchases and stock/bond purchases.

Voting and Lobbying is NOT a "consumer" good.

All that being said -- for those of who who think Rand will do better than his father and are polishing your bitcoins for 2016, these anti-abortion bills of Rand's will un-due all your effort (preemptively).

Abortions could not be stopped in a "free" society -- because all medical information is monopolized by the individual rather than Big Brother -- therefore how would you ever know if an abortion took place; it is confidential?

You would need a powerful court system and policy agency to stop 1M abortions per year. They would need the ability to investigate false-starts, investigate individuals, spy on doctors, and finally the ability to steal assets and kidnap individuals -- in essence you'd need a modern society such as we already have.

I'm not in favor of abortions -- I'm totally against it.

The way to end abortion is to have a very tight-knit family and extended family so that when a woman gets pregnant she feels so supported and encouraged that she chooses to go forward with it.