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doubtful in my mind

"Clinton said he ordered the attack after receiving "compelling evidence" from U.S. intelligence officials that Bush had been the target of an assassination plot and that the plot was "directed and pursued by the Iraqi Intelligence Service."

a lot like that compelling evidence of WMD's "north, south, east and west of baghdad?"

"First, key suspects in the plot confessed to FBI agents in Kuwait."

remember the "free kuwait" movement? remember the Nayirah incident?" no way. kuwaiti intel can not be trusted.

sticks a whole lot of the alleged assassination plot by Iran that everyone's forgotten about. and if it was legit, i'd be looking westward. the idea of Saddam trying to pull something that thoughtless just doesn't make sense. especially when it was senior that gave him the entire nation.

don't trust msm. don't trust the 'intel'. don't trust the pres.