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Well on the "making most of

Well on the "making most of LATAM impoverished in the first place." is by American corporations like for example fruit corp and others taking over indigenous land and paying the indigenous next to nothing to work in there factories along side paying the governments by giving aide or simple putting in "puppet governments".

"its all pure racism"
The Irish were discriminated on by other ethic groups that knew the Irish it wasn't like the majority of the population were against their stay. As for the Asian they were just not relatively close to the amount of Irish immigrants that were here let alone the Hispanic immigrants. Hispanics get discriminated on based on their color and appearance among the typical stereotypes by the majority just like blacks did.

Nice quote of Theodore Roosevelt but i differ on the last part of it. "We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language..." we as a free society should be keen and eager to let people of other countries to be able to speak their language and their native language because we are a melting pot and we have the right of freedom of speech. although i believe English should be the primary language but that shouldn't hinder the person from using other languages to express them selves and if you think otherwise you definitely need to read the constitution.