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Not Arguing, But...

...when pointing out those who would restrict my liberty directly and/or by more circuitous methods, how then can a man of intense liberty-principle and ethic not bluntly call things as they actually are, rather than how they are falsely framed?

My underlying reason for doing so, is that if people continue to willfully ignore those like 'the granger' (the example), then this whole exercise in attempting the restoration of the Republic, is fruitless.

To be infested by faux-liberty is to never actually achieve liberty in the first place.

Not everyone can or does meet minimum core principles and standards and in my world, those who do not are never allowed in my foxhole or on my fire-team.

Not a popular set of standards with most, to be sure, but then, I am not a compromiser, a rationalizer or a justifier.

An analogy...

One does not hire a known child molester to babysit one's children, even if that molester claims to be reformed or not to be what is self-evident. Neither does one entrust one's life-savings to a known thief, whether an admitted one, or not.