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Something else to help, when you explain 9/11 conspiracy to a person who says, “somebody involved would have talked!”

The simplest answer: ADX Florence.

- Life sentence, no parole.
- Locked down 23 hours/day, 365 days/year, rest of life.
- No phone calls or visits (other than lawyer.)
- No books (other than Religious, ie. Bible, Quran.)
- No magazines, no newspapers, no radio.
- Black & White TV, that shows select Religious and Educational programming only.
- All concrete cell (and all activity such as shower, meals, occur in cell.)
- An hour/day “exercise” in essentially a caged in, concrete box.
- No views of the outside world (except through what amounts to a slit of a window; either into inner “court yard” or up at the sky.)
- No escape.

Why would a conspirator who isn't under threat of being charged willfully subject themselves to being confined for the rest of their life under those conditions in the most psychologically torturous maximum security prison the U.S. has to offer?

Would you talk?!